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Students attend graduation at UWE, Bristol

Students attend graduation at UWE, Bristol The British College BBA students (September 2013 Intake and December 2013 Intake) attended their graduation ceremony this July 13th, 2017 at UWE, Bristol accompanied by their families. The students completed the formal proceedings at the magnificent Bristol Cathedral and then met with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve West who congratulated them on their academic achievement. It was an invigorating experience for the students who, after four years of studying, got to visit their awarding univ

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UWE Link Tutor Visits TBC

UWE Link Tutor Visits TBC TBC gladly welcomed Mr. Anthony Bray this week, for his first visit to Nepal. Mr Bray is the Link Tutor for the University of the West of England and thus an essential individual for the provision of the UWE BBA and MIBM programme at the college. He met with faculty to inform them about the proper marking and feedback procedures applied across the UWE programme and spoke to Level 3 students in the build up to their first year studies. This gave both staff and students an opportunity to clear up

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The British College Induction Programme for Aug/ Sep Session 2016

The British College Induction Programme for Aug/ Sep Session 2016 As we say goodbye to our graduating students we welcome a new batch of aspiring graduates. Yesterday staff and students celebrated the arrival of our Level 3 starters in both BBA (Hons) Business and Management and BSc (Hons) Computing. The students listened to motivating speeches and gained crucial advice from both Principal Dr. Michael J. Barnes and CEO Rajen Kandel in preparation for their academic journey.

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