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Say YES to future opportunities

Say YES to future opportunities Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (Y.E.S) at The British College, Kathmandu recently organised a talk show program, inviting Mr. Amun Thapa (CEO of Sasto Deal) as a speaker to motivate students to be entrepreneurs and promote understanding of the new dynamics in business.

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BMC kicks off their annual Model UN event

BMC kicks off their annual Model UN event British Model College, a sister organisation of The British College, kicks-off the third annual session of Model UN. The event named British Model College Model United Nations (BMCMUN) 2017 is scheduled from 12th to 14th February and is greeting one hundred and thirty participants from fifteen different +2 and A-levels colleges in the Kathmandu Valley. Model UN is a rendition of the United Nations proceedings, with students role-playing representatives of different countries in UN committees. Th

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Interaction session with Sys Inc.

Interaction session with Sys Inc. This morning 100 BSc Computing students took part in a two hour interaction session with Mr Santosh Kumar Palivela Head – Offshore Operations from Sys Inc. Sys Inc is a stealth mode start-up company from the USA which is active in developing the next generation of software products in the machine learning and artificial intelligence industry. The sessions included an overview of the main features of the company and an introduction to opportunities available for our students.

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