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A Level Sports Meet 2017

A Level Sports Meet 2017 In accordance with the annual calendar of BMC, the ECA committee with the support of A Level students organised the ‘Annual Sports Meet 2017’ March 7th-10th. Students celebrated their love for sports with some friendly competition. The event provided an opportunity for the students to play a variety of sports, from the main events basketball, badminton and futsal to table tennis, chess and pool. Students had the chance to show their diverse range of skills and talents.

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Blood Donation Programme at The British College

Blood Donation Programme at The British College Yesterday, TBC students and staff did there bit for the wider community by donating blood. The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee collaborated with Nobel Hospital in order to run a four hour session in which students and staff could donate on the college campus. The event was a huge success with 60 people donating to the hospital. Even those who were scared of injections got involved, overcoming their fears for the greater good. Those who donated were replenished with food and refre

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TBC Holi Celebrations 2017

TBC Holi Celebrations 2017 TBC students celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors, on the premises on 10th March, 2017 with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. TBC believes that celebrations such as this contribute to the development of a healthy mind, physical fitness, and emotional maturity and will teach students the importance of cultural and traditional values.

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