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A Level student elections

A Level student elections The A Level student elections for Class Representatives, Batch Representatives and Student Committee Representative began today with all candidates taking to the podium to deliver their proposal speeches. Candidates brought everything they had in order to rally their fellow students for precious votes and it is safe to say they got the audience’s attention. Votes will be cast and counted today before the announcement of successful candidates tomorrow. Good luck to all those running.

Created at: 2017-08-08 06:49:34


A Level Picnic to Pataleban Vineyard Resort

A Level Picnic to Pataleban Vineyard Resort As part of the British Model College ECA Calendar, 45 students and teachers from A Level traveled to Pataleban Vineyard Resort for a one day picnic on 22nd April, 2017. During the trip the students also went on a short hike to Kalue Pandey’s Samadhi, enjoying the scenic views and gathering invaluable memories.

Created at: 2017-04-27 04:50:26


Prospective students visit British Model College

Prospective students visit British Model College Students planning their futures, after SEE, received first-hand experience of British Model College as they visited the campus for a tour session today. This visit offered students the chance to get a feel for the atmosphere and interact with the faculty at TBC.

Created at: 2017-04-25 03:47:36





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