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ACCA Induction

ACCA Induction This week we welcome a new batch of students for the ACCA professional accounting qualification. Mr Anant Gautam, Programme Leader, welcomed the students on Monday in our induction session, informing them about their classes in the following months and the options available to them during their studies at The British College. Today all our ACCA faculty are attending a training session held by ACCA Nepal at the Radisson Hotel to fine-tune their teaching; and students have the opportunity to kick

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ACCA Info Session Held

ACCA Info Session Held Respected members of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) were welcomed to the college yesterday by the Programme Manager, Mr. Anant Gautam in preparation for the current admission period. The session provided an introduction to the professional certificate with International Assembly Member Mr. Biraj Pradhan and ACCA Market Head Nepal, Mr. Rabin Katwal sharing personal anecdotes of their experience both learning and working within the international programme.

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ACCA Orientation Programme 2017

ACCA Orientation Programme 2017 A new year brings with it another batch of eager students ready to further their academic success and professional careers. Today Ananta Gautam, ACCA Manager and Maheshwor Adhikary, Associate ACCA Manager welcomed the newest entrees to the international ACCA programme. The students attended an orientation where they gained essential knowledge concerning the course and were made aware of the support provided to them by the college.

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