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A Level student elections

A Level student elections The A Level student elections for Class Representatives, Batch Representatives and Student Committee Representative began today with all candidates taking to the podium to deliver their proposal speeches. Candidates brought everything they had in order to rally their fellow students for precious votes and it is safe to say they got the audience’s attention. Votes will be cast and counted today before the announcement of successful candidates tomorrow. Good luck to all those running.

Created at: 2017-08-08 06:49:34


Basketball Try-outs

Basketball Try-outs At the end of last week A Level students battled it out for places on the Male and Female A Level basketball teams. The competition was fierce, with bundles of talent on show but unfortunately not everyone could secure a spot. Thank you to all that participated and congratulations to those who made the cut.

Created at: 2017-06-25 04:44:43


British Model College Fest 2017

British Model College Fest 2017 As part of their extracurricular activities, students of the British Model College successfully organized the 1st BMC Fest 2017 on 5th May at the college premises. A musical festival, the event saw participation of students from 45 different schools. The event attempted to provide visitors with an insight towards the student life at the British Model College.

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