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TBC Students handed blanket to elderly people

TBC Students handed blanket to elderly people The students of The British College (TBC) completed their "Blanket for Humanity" initiation where they managed to collect sufficient fund. To conclude the initiation, around 15 students were participating for the blanket distribution. Mr Bimal Pathak, Operations Director of TBC, Mr. Suman Shrestha, Marketing and PR Manager and Mr Bharat Sapkota were present in the programme to encourage the students for the good cause. The distributed was carried out in the premises of Bal Chandra Madhyamik Vidh

Created at: 2015-12-22 10:57:26


TBC Christmas Celebration Programme

TBC Christmas Celebration Programme The British College (TBC) Christmas celebration initiated by the students started with 15 different stalls put up by the students from different courses and levels. The event included food stalls, performances by the students, music, food eating competition and Santa visit. Beside these, the students also decorated the premises beautifully with much creativity.

Created at: 2015-12-20 05:07:21


Meeting with ACCA and TBC Team

Meeting with ACCA and TBC Team The meeting with Dr. Afra Sajjad, Head of Education, Emerging Market, ACCA and Ms. Kapila Amatya along with our TBC team was successfully carried out yesterday.

Created at: 2015-12-11 04:36:49





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