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Press Release: The British College Has Now Officially Acquired Motherland School

Press Release: The British College Has Now Officially Acquired Motherland School

This month The British College has taken over the Motherland English School, Sukranagar - making it another entity of the British Education Group.


Motherland School, located in the southern part of Chitwan, has over 400 students from playgroup all the way up to Class 10. The large campus hosts 21 classrooms and can accommodate up to 700 students - a potential it hopes to reach as it expands with this new partnership. At the school, they favour a traditional teaching approach that incorporates exam-oriented learning, led by a team of local educationists who have been leading the school for over two decades.


The British College is joining Motherland School as they work hard to strengthen and expand the institution in all areas. They are currently installing a computer lab and are also renovating a number of buildings on campus. These changes will help to update the school and bring it in line with its mission to provide opportunities for children in the area to receive a comprehensive education that will also improve both their physical and mental health.


This is the first organisation that The British Education Group has partnered with in Chitwan - adding to its existing partners in Kathmandu and Bhutwal, and further international organisations in Dubai and the UK. 


CEO and founder of the Group, Rajen Kandel said of the partnership, ‘It is our aim is to offer a premium level of education, at an affordable price, so that students from all regions of the country can experience the world-class teaching that The British Education Group prides itself on. 


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