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TBC Sports Meet 2016

TBC Sports Meet 2016
The TBC Sports Meet for 2016 was commenced from 27 March, 2016. The Meet was opened by the Futsal at Velocity Arena, Ratopul followed by the cricket at the same venue.  The opening games proved a remarkable success, both in sporting skills and enthusiasm from teams. 
There were 14 teams formed for cricket, 20 teams for futsal, 8 teams for basketball boys and 5 teams for basketball girls. We have completed the league matches and qualifying process for futsal and cricket.The quarter finals and the grand finals will be scheduled on 3rd and 10th Aprilrespectively. Mini events like badminton boys/girls and table tennis boys/girls will be held in between those dates.

The main aim of the Sports Meet has been to teach the participants the value of co-operation, as well as the spirit of competition so the students learn how to work with others for the achievement of group goals.

Thank you to all students for participating with keenness.

Remember: Spirit of fair play!

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