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Inaugural session of the Academic Guest Lecture Series

Inaugural session of the Academic Guest Lecture Series

“Cometh the hour Cometh the man”, This phrase can be amply justified by Mr. Bijay Rajbhandari, Chairman of the CE group of companies who enthralled the capacity crowd that had gathered at TBC, to listen to him on 28th December 2017, during the first edition of the Academic Guest Lecture Series. Besides being a successful business person and a top Corporate Executive, Mr.Bijay Rajbhandari is also known for his philanthropic activities directed towards the society at large. This initiative on the part of The British College,is a giant leap towards the Academia-Industry Interface, which is perceived as an integral part of the student’s learning experience now a days amongst leading Business School’s across the globe.

Subhajit Sanyal,The Master’s Programme Leader at The British College says “There is a growing need to bring eminent speakers from the Industry with proven track records, in order to help the Management students in Business Schools, to develop an insight into the world of business. There is a paradigm shift in the way of doing Business in the twenty first century, with the onset of Digital Marketing & Social Marketing. The customer taste and preferences are becoming homogeneous across the world due to globalization. The customer’s are becoming more demanding day by day with “Customer Relationship Management”, becoming the buzz word and the success mantra for different organisation’s for their growth and survival. The lowering of the international trade barrier has paved the way for the global enterprise to make inroads into the unchartered territories. The Business innovation brought about by the cutting edge Technology, has given rise to innovative click & mortar business models in place of traditional “Brick & Mortar” Businesses. In order to cope up with the changed business scenario, there is a growing need for Business School’s to churn out Industry fit graduates in order to cater to the needs of the Industry, amidst the cut throat competition in the dynamic and ever so changing business environment. The Business Schools are faced with the daunting task of producing Industry ready professionals who are equipped with all the necessary skills and attributes of a successful professional, in order to succeed amidst the cut throat competitions. In the wake of the cataclysmic upheaval brought about by the ever so changing business environment, the time is ripe for the present Business School’s to revamp their offerings, through proper alignment of their objective with that of the industry, in order to conform to the requirements of the Academia-Industry Interface”.

The session was in line with the college’s vision to graduate students, better prepared to tackle the job market. Through experience and knowledge sessions similar to these, students at The British College gain an insight to real world knowledge that is vital for their future.

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