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E-Sports 2016 - Opening Day

E-Sports 2016 - Opening Day

The British College E-Sports Tournament, initiated by the students from the IT Club, started with much enthusiasm today, 26th May, 2016. The tournament revolves around electronic strategy and planning games, and the students are showing an overwhelming response and participation. The first day of E-Sports is exciting as the event has been able to gather students from all courses and levels. This enthusiasm and excitement from the participants is proving that Collegiate E-Sports are about to grow in a big way.


Three games are included in the E-Sports with 100+ participants. One game is FIFA16 with team leaders, Pratik Gautam, Aashg Rai and Sabin Pathak of BBA L5, Bsc L5 and of BBA L6 respectively. Another game is COUNTER STRIKE-GLOBAL OFFENSIVE with team leaders, Aayash Uprety of Bsc L6, Pranya Dahal of Bsc L5 and Danish Gurung of Bsc L6. The third game is DOTA 2 with leaders, Bibhushan Gautam Bsc L6, Utsav Lama Bsc L6 and last but not least Dilasha Shah of Bsc L6.

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