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British Education Group is Continuing to Expand

British Education Group is Continuing to Expand


The British Education Group, which incorporates The British College along with a number of educational establishments across Nepal, The UAE and The UK, is continuing to expand. 


On the 15th of November, the brand new Chakupat Campus will officially be open for A-Level students to attend live classes. This modern facility presents a wonderful space for A-Level students to have a dedicated area of study with state of the art facilities that will support their learning and personal development. 


Designs for the new TBC campus are also currently in the works, with initial plans soon to be released. This brand new facility will be in Kathmandu itself and is set to be a landmark within the city - with modern facilities that will provide our students with an elevated experience, and space to expand and take more students and provide more courses. 


These updates come at a time of great expansion for The British Education Group, which have also recently acquired the Motherland School in Chitwan and Namaste Academy in Rupandehi -  along with the land to open a school and college in Pokhara. These partnerships are great opportunities for the Group to expand across Nepal and provide exemplary British teaching and facilities to students who have not previously had access to such education. 


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