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Workshop On - Guide to Digital Marketing

Date: 22 Nov 2020 17:00 PM
Venue: The British College, Kathmandu

Mark your dates for 22nd November 2020 from 5-6 pm NPT as our 5th Workshop on "Guide to Digital Marketing" has been finalized. It will be conducted under the presence of Mr Tenzing Samdup the current Managing Partner at ACT360.

He has a long history at providing innovative Branding Strategies, and Social Media Marketing Management and Advertising Plans. He comes with experience as a Home Loan Expert, Content Marketing Manager, Content Writer/Creative Designer, Copyeditor and an Assistant Manager at Norvic Care Division.

You will be guaranteed invaluable inputs in the field of Digital Marketing field which help you boost your startup plans to new horizons.

Hope to learn and grow together with our Changemakers.

Meeting details:
Meeting Id: 995 3947 6519





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